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Group Skating Lessons

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Spring Session 5:
Tuesdays: April 16th – May 28th
Thursdays: April 18th – May 30th
Saturdays: April 27th – June 8th

ADDED CLASS: Figure Skating Skills and Drills (for skaters in Basic 5 and higher)

Click Here for Fall Session 5 Brochure

Registration Fee: $125.00

Summer Session 6:
Tuesdays: June 18th – August 13th (NO class 7/2)
Thursdays:  June 20th – August 15th (NO class 7/4)

ADDED CLASSES:  Figure Skating Skills and Drills and Hockey Powerskating

Click HERE for Summer Session Brochure

Registration Fee:  $125.00 ($115.00 if paid by 6/16. Online Registration Available)

Home School Spring Session 5:

Wednesdays: April 17th – May 29th

Click HERE for the Home School Session 5 brochure

Registration Fee: $99.00


The Skating School at Hatfield Ice is a member of “Skate with U.S.”, the national basic skills program designed by Master group directors and coaches for the United States Figure Skating Association, in affiliation with USA Hockey. This program is a safe, efficient, cost effective and fun way to learn the fundamentals of ice skating.

The Skating School at Hatfield Ice offers basic skills classes all year long. Our highly trained and experienced professional coaches provide a safe, fun, productive and educational atmosphere for all participants.

Snowplow Sam 1-3GSL pic3
Beginning level for children ages 3-6
Tuesday & Thursday 10:00, Thursday 5:00. If your child is 3-6 and has not skated sign them up for Snowplow Sam 1.

Basic 1,2, and 3
Beginning levels for aged 6 and up
Tuesday & Thursday 10:00, Thursday 5:00. If your child is 6 and has skated, but this is first time in lessons sign up for Basic 1, otherwise see notes for Snowplow.

Basic 4-6
Intermediate levels after passing Basic 1-3
Tuesday & Thursday 10:30, Thursday 5:30.

Advanced level after passing Basic 6 (formerly known as Basic 7 & 8)
Tuesday & Thursday 10:30, Thursday 5:30

Free Skate 1-6
Figure Skating levels after passing Pre-Free Skate
Tuesday & Thursday 10:30, Thursday 5:30

Hockey 1-5
Hockey levels for skaters who have passed Basic 1 & 2. Helmet & stick required
Thursday 5:00 (1&2), Thursday 5:30 (3-5)

Learn to Synchro 1-4
Beginning synchronized skating for skaters in Basic 3 or higher
**Will Return in Fall Session #1 2019**

Adult 1-6:
Beginning through intermediate levels for adults ages 18+
Tuesday & Thursday 10:00, Thursday 5:00  (1 & 2), Tuesday & Thursday 10:30, Thursday 5:30 (3-6)



Skate rental IS included in the group lesson program.

What to Bring…What to Wear…
We strongly recommend a bike or hockey helmet, gloves and warm clothing.

Q: My child can skate but has never taken lessons. What do I sign him/her up for?
A: All skaters new to lessons must start in Snowplow Sam 1 (ages 3-6) or Basic 1 (ages 6 and up). All groups are formed based on skater’s age and ability level.

Q: I feel my child needs to be moved to another level. How do I know?
A: If there is a child in any of our classes that needs to be moved, the instructor will let the skating director know and we will move the child to the appropriate class. All students are moved at the discretion of the instructor and skating director.

Q: I would like to have more information on private lessons.
A: Private lessons are scheduled through individual instructors and are taught on our freestyle ice sessions. Instructor fees range from coach to coach based on age, teaching experience and skating experience. Lesson fees range from $25 – $40 per half hour. Hatfield Ice charges an ice fee of $4/15 min, $8/30 min, $12/45 min or $16/1 hour. Discount cards are available for 45 minute sessions only. Please call the skating director for more information.


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