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Skating School Instructors

Kati Link
Program Director

  • USFS & PSA Member
  • Skating School & Figure Skating Director
  • Synchronized Skating Co-Director
  • Liberty FSC Board of Directors
  • Power Skating Coach for various travel, middle school and high school teams in the Philadelphia Area“I enjoy having the opportunity to work with children and families in an athletic environment.  I find joy and happiness in sharing the sport I love with others.  Ultimately, it is my hope that the lessons learned within the various disciplines of skating help all of my students become winners in life.”
Melissa Beck
  • USFS & PSA Member
  • Basic Accreditation, Registered Ratings in Group Instruction & Moves in the Field“I love to teach ice skating because I enjoy seeing how skaters improve their skills and develop a love for the sport.”
Christine Campbell
  • USFS & PSA Member
Patrice Carelli
  • USFS & PSA Member
  • Gold medalist at Philadelphia Areas and Keystone State Games“I coach because I love introducing kids and adults to skating and teaching them new skills. It’s very rewarding to see them achieve something they may not have thought they were capable of doing.”
Damian Dodge
  • USFS & PSA Member
  • Coach of the current U.S Adult Dance Champions, Shay Sterlace and Yovanny Durango
  • National competitor in ice dance
  • 2013 Junior Eastern Sectional Dance Champions”I coach because I feel as though it’s my duty to give back in the sport that has brought me so much success. I’ve been skating for majority of my life and feel as though I have much to give to the upcoming generations of skaters.”


Jenn du Breuil
  • USFS & PSA Member
  • Regional Competitor, Juvenile and Intermediate Ladies
  • 2011 – 2013 Team USA Synchronized Skating member
  • 2011 National Bronze Medalist, Synchronized Skating at the Junior level
  • 2012 & 2013 National Champion, World Bronze Medalist, Synchronized Skating at the Senior level“I am passionate about skating, especially synchronized skating. My greatest joy is in seeing the improvement of a skater or a team, and I enjoy passing on my knowledge and skills to my students.”
Kristin Dunleavy
  • USFS & PSA Member
  • National Competitor“I coach because I love working with kids.  Also,  I love being able to watch a student develop a love of a sport that brought me so much joy for so many years.”


Yovanny Durango


  • USFS & PSA Member
Courtney Good
  • USFS & PSA Member
  • Basic Accreditation
  • Gold Medalist: Freestyle and Moves in the Field
  • Performed with Disney On Ice
  • Nationally certified personal trainer“Great coaching helped me achieve the senior level in moves in the field and freestyle, so I coach figure skating to try to help kids reach their goals in this sport and to become strong and confident athletes!”
Lori Kametz
  • USFS & PSA Member
  • Coach: Philadelphia Symmetry Synchronized Skating
Tiffany Le
  • USFS & PSA Member“Teaching kids how to skate has been a goal ever since I started skating as a child and making it worth their time and effort is what I really enjoy the most. “
Tori Lyons
  • USFS & PSA Member
  • PSA Ratings: Registered Choreography, Registered Moves in the Field, Certified Group Instructor
  • Associates Dance Degree from Montgomery County Community College
  • Regional competitor, Double gold medalist (Senior freestyle, Senior Moves in the Field), Silver medalist (Dance), Disney on Ice performer in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and across Europe
  • Coach: Philadelphia Symmetry Synchronized Skating“I can’t imagine my life without skating; I have been on the ice since I was walking! I aspire to be a good role model to my students as well as teaching them proper skating technique. I absolutely love coming to teach everyday.”
Jannika Lilja
  • USFS & PSA Member
  • Coach: Philadelphia Symmetry Synchronized Skating
  • 2005 Bronze Medalist & 2006 Gold Medalist at the Synchronized Skating World Championships,  2004 Silver Medalist in the Junior World Synchronized Skating Championships, three time National Champion (Representing Finland).
Andrea Maruschak-Meck
  • USFS & PSA Member
  • PSA Ratings: Sports Science, Registered Group, Registered Moves in the Field, Registered Choreography“I am a former competitive skater and have been a professional coach since 1999.  I teach for the love of the sport, with a strong skill set across multiple disciplines including freestyle, moves in the field, choreography, and beginner hockey. My past experience as a touring company member of a semi-professional dance troupe and degree in Communications, support my integrative approach to coaching all ages and levels to help my students achieve their goals.”
Madina Muquit
  • USFS & PSA Member“Skating and coaching has been the best thing that has happened to me thus far. Having been a synchronized skater for majority of my skating career, it gave me the privilege to grasp discipline, great friendships, and memories that only this amazing sport could entrust. I hope to spread the exceptional nature of skating to many future skaters!”
Danielle Niblick
  • USFS & PSA Member
  • PSA Ratings: Certified Moves in the Field, Registered Group
  • CPR Certified
  • 10 time National Synchronized Skating Competitor, 2004 bronze medalist (Collegiate) and 2008 bronze medalist (Adult)
  • Coach: Philadelphia Symmetry Synchronized SkatingSkating has been a large part of my life and I enjoy sharing my love for the sport while helping kids set and accomplish goals.”
Danielle Orlando
  • USFS Member
  • Has played for the following travel hockey teams: Angels, Ice Cats, Ice Dogs and Lady Patriots”I enjoy teaching because I get to share the joy that skating brings me with other people, especially kids.”
Natasha Ponomarera
  • USFS & PSA Member
Andrea Cooper
  • USFS & PSA Member
  • Two-time Silver Medalist at Adult Nationals in the Adult Gold Pair Skating Division
  • Certified Group Rated and Registered Program Director Rated.
  • Specializes in teaching Basic Skills, Freestyle, Moves-in-the Field, Pairs, and Adult Skaters.
Jana Raisner
  • USFS & PSA Member
  • BS of Exercise Physiology from the University of Delaware
  • Registered Group Rating and Basic Accreditation
  • US Figure Skating Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field
  • Member of 2011 and 2013 US Intercollegiate National Champion team with University of Delaware
  • US Solo Ice Dance National Competitor“Skating is my passion! I love having the opportunity to share my love of the sport with others and watch my students grow as both people and athletes.”
Aggie Richhart
  • USFS & PSA Member
  • Coach: Philadelphia Symmetry Synchronized Skating
  • Basic Accreditation and Registered Group
  • USFS level II power skating
  • Gold medalist in Figures and Freestyle
  • Pre-gold Dance
  • Bronze medalist in Pairs“I love seeing the smiles on the faces of my students as they accomplish things they didn’t think possible.  Skating across the ice without falling, passing a test to get to the next level, winning a competition  or being able to skate faster in a hockey game.  I’m so grateful to be able to share my love for skating with students of all ages young and old.”


Kris Shakarjian
  • USFS & PSA Member
  • PSA Master Rated in Free Skating and Moves in the Field
  • Certified ratings in Dance, Group and Figures
  • National and International Coach
  • PSA Ranking Level IV
  • USFS Sectional Technical Specialist in Singles
  • PSA Ratings Representative for Moves in the Field
  • USFS Double Gold Medalist
  • International Dances

    “I have been coaching for 33 years. My passion for coaching came at an early age of 15. My coaches Walter Muehlbronner and Robbie Kaine instilled in me the love for skating and the love of helping others enjoy the sport as much as I do!”
Shay Sterlace
  • USFS & PSA Member
  • Current USFS National Adult Ice Dance and ISU International Champion
  • Former Junior Ice Dance Competitor
  • Triple Gold Medalist: Ice Dance, Free Dance and Adult Moves

    “Being able to share my love of skating with students who are excited and eager to learn is truly a privilege!”

Evgeniy Sviridov
  • USFS & PSA Member