Call the Rink Office:  215-997-9797
Hatfield Ice Arena

Hatfield Ice Staff

Hatfield Ice copyGeneral Manager:  BRIAN PECA, 215-997-9797  Ext. 108
Please contact Brian for all Ice Rental requests, business opportunities and other customer service questions about Hatfield Ice or Hockey Heaven Mini Rink
Email Brian:  bpeca@hatfieldice.com

Hockey Director:  CHRIS ORLANDO, 215-997-9797  Ext. 104
Please contact Chris for all Youth Ice Hockey program questions and concerns
Email Chris:  hockey_director@hatfieldice.com

Skating Director: MEGAN OTTO, 215-997-9797   Ext.107
Please contact Megan about any Skating Lessons or Figure Skating Questions

Email Megan:  skating_director@hatfieldice.com

Adult Hockey Director & Assistant GMSCOTT SALAMON Jr, 215-997-9797  Ext. 109
Please contact Scott for any Adult Hockey program questions or advertising opportunities at Hatfield Ice
Email Scott Jr:  program_coordinator@hatfieldice.com

Operations Manager SCOTT SALAMON Sr, 215-997-9797  Ext. 105
Please contact Scott for any facility related questions or inquires
Email Scott Sr:  operations_manager@hatfieldice.com

Business Manager:  SANDI GEORGE, 215-997-9797  Ext. 103
Please contact Sandi for any financial questions about Hatfield Ice related programs
Email Sandi:  business_manager@hatfieldice.com

Office Manager:  KAREN ORLANDO, 215-997-9797  Ext. 102
Please contact Karen for questions on Hatfield Ice employment opportunities
Email Karen:  office_manager@hatfieldice.com

Fitness Center Contact:  JEANNINE ORLANDO, 215-997-9797  Ext. 101
Please contact Jeannine regarding Memberships to the Hatfield Ice Fitness Center
Email Jeannine:  hatfieldicefitnesscenter@gmail.com

Rink Office Hours – FALL:
Monday thru Friday:  8:00am – 9:30pm
Saturday:   7:00am – 10:00pm
Sunday:   7:00am – 8:00pm

Phone Number:  215-997-9797
Fax Number: 215-997-8933